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Find Your Center: A Postpartum Core Connection Series







This class is good fit for you IF: 

  • You would to learn self care practices for taking care of your body after having a baby

  • You want to exercise, but your body feels different, and you want to do the right exercises for the stage you are at

  • You want to return to running or impact sports, but wonder if your body is strong enough or ready

  • You wonder how to fit all of this into your busy life



What you will learn in this class:

  • You will be guided to connect with your breath, strengthen your core muscles, and use your strength during everyday baby care tasks.

  • Move through the benchmarks for returning to running and impact sports after pregnancy and birth, so you will know if you are ready for more, and what to do to get there safely. 

  • Learn the Find Your Center Playground Series, a program of exercises that you can do at the playground or at home, so you have options for fitting your exercise routine into your day. 



Class Details:

  • 4 hour long virtual sessions with Marci Silverberg, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, and Pregnancy and Postpartum Certified Exercise Instructor. DATES AND TIMES.


  • Price: $180 for class series 


BONUS-   2 LIVE 30 min Q&A Facebook calls with your instructor, to help answer your questions, individualize your program, and keep you accountable. 


BONUS- Video recording of classes provided


BONUS- Weekly written handouts of exercises


BONUS- Access to Pom women’s group during the series, weekly on Fridays

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