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Bellies, Birth and Your Beautiful Body

Thursday, April 23 @ 5PM- 6PM

Via Zoom: A FREE one hour online course!

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Course Description


Pregnancy and the postpartum period is a phase of rapid change in a woman’s body.
Shifts occur in hormones, alignment, and base of support. At the same time, new
demands are placed on this body to birth, breastfeed, and physically care for the
baby. In this unique workshop, the emphasis is placed on self care of the mother as
she prepares for and adjusts to motherhood.

This is a 1 hour online virtual class, consisting of both parts lecture and exercise, open to mothers
who are pregnant or any phase postpartum (baby could be 6 weeks, 6 years or 20
years old- it is never too late to learn about your postpartum body and the effects of
pregnancy and delivery!) Come dressed to move, as if for a yoga class. Babies in
arms are welcome. Topics to be discussed include:

-Assessment of standing alignment, and assessment for proper healing of the deep
core system after having a baby.
-The effects of pregnancy on the body
-How to best physically prepare for delivery, and learn a new way to “breathe the
baby out”.
-Guidelines for safe return to exercise after having a baby- Hint: It is different for
every person!
- Learn 2 vital exercises to help heal the abdomen and core, helping women lose
inches from the midsection, and fit into pre-pregnancy clothes faster.
-Proper body mechanics for sitting/standing/lifting/baby care – and why it matters
to your health.
-Why you should massage your c-section scar
-Lastly, what to do about any changes you may experience. Sometimes, after having
a baby, a woman’s body doesn’t feel “quite like it used to.” Woman are told, or
believe, that this is “normal,” or will “get better with time.” Meanwhile, the problems
can often be helped!

These potential issues include: painful intercourse, peeing frequently or having
accidents, back or pelvic pain, or doming of abdomen (diastasis recti).

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