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More About Marci...

My Passion: Supporting Women, Supporting Ourselves

Have you said, or heard your mom/girlfriend/sister say...


-"Does anyone else leak a bit when you work out/laugh/sneeze/cough/do a "double under", etc...??? Is this NORMAL?"

-"Well sure, sex is painful since having a baby- but that's normal, right?"

-"My birth was traumatic, but at least I have a healthy baby, so I should just get over it and move on..." 


My passion is in changing this conversation and empowering women with education and appropriate treatment to maximize the enjoyment of our lives, on the physical and also emotional levels. 

My Approach and Treatment Philosophy

I offer a unique and whole body approach where I utilize traditional Physical Therapy, including manual, osteopathic and strengthening approaches, as well as craniosacral and myofascial techniques. I use visualization and body awareness practices seamlessly with manual work in order to allow the body to release energies that might be held in the tissues, thereby effecting lasting changes to the system. As a lifelong learner at heart, I am often exploring and practicing new techniques. Always expect empowering education and self-care practices as an integral part of any treatment session, as my ultimate goal is to encourage you to grow confident in your ability to feel whole, strong and better able to care your own body on all levels.

After my own childbirths in 2013 and 2016, I worked on my own post-partum rehabilitation, and know the challenges and misinformation on that journey. My goal is to speed your process of healing by connecting you with the precise and evidence based direction for your own body. 

My Education and Training 

I graduated with a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy in 2002 from Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY. 


I've worked in multiple settings as a practitioner, which gives me a holistic view of your situation. These include:

Orthopedics and Women’s Health Experience

I worked for 6 years with CORE physical therapy in San Rafael, helping clients with a variety of musculoskeletal issues, including back, hip, and knee pain, joint pain, and pelvic floor issues. As a staff PT, I worked with women’s health issues, including pre and post-partum rehabilitation. In addition, I’ve engaged with the Institute for Birth Healing, and completed coursework with them and other institutions with topics ranging from women’s health, pregnancy, to internal vaginal work.



At Kaiser Vallejo’s Brain Injury Team, I worked as Senior Physical Therapist engaging in my love of Neurologic Physical Therapy, and completing a 6 month Post Graduate Residency Program in PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation). Over those years at Kaiser I also worked as an instructor and mentor to physical therapist residents at Kaiser and Samuel Merritt College.

FREE Consultation

I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to new patients.

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