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Careers @ Marci Silverberg, MPT & Associates

Administrative Assistant Role - San Rafael, CA Clinic Location

We are a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy practice that is expanding, and are looking for an administrative assistant to support our dynamic team of practitioners.


Job Duties

  • Respond to patient inquiries about Physical Therapy with a goal of 90% of clients receiving same day response. At best, this would be a phonecall connection. At a minimum, this would be text/voicemail/email follow up including a link to schedule a free 15 minute discovery call. 

  • Conduct Discovery calls with new patient inquiries- a complimentary 15-20 minute call. The goal of the discovery call is to get clear on patient struggles, goals, identify if they are an appropriate client, and communicate that clearly. Then either schedule patient with a therapist or schedule an appropriate follow up.

  • Manage clinic email and phone system on a daily basis, which includes organizing new leads as they come in, assist patients with rescheduling, and answering other questions as they arise.

  • Issue superbills to patients

  • Follow up with past leads and document accordingly.

  • Manage stocking of clinic items, reorders

  • Request patient reviews, take video to help with social media posting

  • Input of patient information into marketing systems, and sending out appropriate campaigns per diagnosis. 

  • Daily use of systems such as voxer, electronic medical record, ring central (voice over internet provider), microsoft office and data entry. 

Required Skill Sets

  • Alignment with the mission, vision, and core values of the company (see below).

  • Enjoys speaking with new clients over the phone and in person

  • Clear and compassionate communication skills

  • Proficiency in using an electronic medical record, google sheets, voice over internet phone provider- training will be given.

  • Ability to learn a gentle and loving sales process with new clients

  • The ideal client is someone who loves to learn about the human body and is hungry to learn more, as there will be ample opportunity to learn about the conditions that we treat, how we treat them, and get to know our clients and their stories. The better this is understood, the better this can then be communicated to new clients over the phone. 

  • Organizational ability

  • Ability to prioritize tasks in order of importance

  • Alignment with the mission, vision, values of the company.


Preferrred Skill Sets

  • Organization/Efficiency- I would love to partner with someone who has ideas about how to improve systems and efficiency, and this would be welcomed. 


Opportunity for Growth

  • There will be opportunity to help with growing our presence with social media, creating posts, scheduling of social medial posts

  • There will be opportunity for doing outside sales and marketing to other health care providers, community organizations, etc. 



  • 15-20 hours / week. Can be mix of in person and remote.

  • Ability to be flexible with hours. You can manage your own hours, as long as tasks get completed in  a timely manner. I would like there to be a set schedule, with a minimum of 2 hours/day. That said, you may change your hours as long as that is communicated to the owner. 

  • Candidate will track hours worked and tasks completed daily on a shared spreadsheet. 

Mission: To be the #1 provider of integrated and holistic Pelvic Health Physical Therapy and wellness services in the North Bay area. 


Vision: We help women return to the activities they love with confidence and strength, and without leaking, embarrassment or fear.

Core Values:


Integrity- Doing what we say we will do, being clinically honest with ourselves and our clients. 


Dedication- A willingness to go above and beyond, to strive for the best outcomes with both patients and in business processes. A willingness to put in additional time and energy to gain great understanding or improved results. 

Curiosity- An openness to learn more, to gain greater understanding of an issue, business process or body related problem. Knowing that we will never know everything, but willingness to learn and apply new ideas for sake of greater understanding and results. 


Communication- The ability to communicate clearly with customers, as well as to communicate one’s own needs or concerns. The ability to ask questions of others, when faced with an issue, to get clear on the real issue at hand and work together to find solutions. 

Critical Thinking- The ability, when faced with a problem, to analyze it independently and research solutions. Asking questions that are specific to a problem, after maximizing ability to problem solve independently. 


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